What is Influencer? Individuals, people, and groups who have the power to influence and direct a particular community through promotional and marketing activities through their social media and digital channels with sharing their experience for their followers about any product or service are called influencers. More precisely Digital Influencers!

Influencer Marketing was a method previously used by celebrities or well-known people to promote the products of various brands. The only difference was the use of conventional channels, not digital. These people, that is, the influencers, were actually a famous artist, athlete, a singer, a musician, a businessman or a political personality, all of whom you are very familiar with.

So the concept of “influencer” has been with us for years. Oh god! Of course, when we arrive at the present day, the system changed a bit. It developed and updated itself. Today, the wide use of internet and social networks has caused the emergence of new internet fame, who are using social media with attracted traffic and became opinion leaders.

Today, in addition to famous people who are accepted in the society today, a high school student who plays computer games very well, a housewife who prepares great recipes or a traveler who shares videos and photos of her/his travels can reach millions of followers very quickly. Became a celebrity. In short, you do not need to be on TV anymore to become an influencer.

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