8 Golden Rules for a Successful Youtube Channel

8 Golden Rules for a Successful Youtube Channel

Youtube, the undisputed largest video platform of today, has 1.5 billion viewers according to the latest statistics announced in 2017. Of course, there is an audience that watches videos without logging in, which shows that perhaps a third of the world’s population watches Youtube every day.

Influencers involved in Influencer Marketing, one of the most important marketing methods of the last few years, can operate in various social media channels. Some on Twitter, some on Instagram, and some on Youtube, call out to thousands or even millions of followers. The subject of this article is 8 things you need to do to have a successful Youtube channel… How can you be a good Youtuber from another perspective?


Başarılı Bir Youtube Kanalına Sahip Olmak İçin Yapılması Gerekenler

A catchy channel name that can attract the attention of people watching videos on Youtube is just one of the most important things to consider when starting from scratch. Regardless of the category, a good channel name will always be to your advantage, no matter what category you shoot video in.

Today, many Youtubers are also famous for their Youtube channels bearing their personal names. When you look at it from a strategic point of view, it is of course possible to rise on Youtube with quality and original video content.


Başarılı Bir Youtube Kanalına Sahip Olmak İçin Yapılması Gerekenler

Youtube is such a big ocean that it is possible to find video content on education, health, entertainment, sports and many more. Although the categories are fixed, it is extremely important how original content you have in the video you shoot in that category and what you can give your audience different from other channels.

When we look at it, there are hundreds of channels that shoot game videos on Youtube. But they don’t have the same level of engagement and audience. While some Youtubers present a completely different video concept with their original language, movements and interaction with the audience, some are content with just opening the game and playing it. This makes Youtuber, which is unique and different, more successful and watchable.


Başarılı Bir Youtube Kanalına Sahip Olmak İçin Yapılması Gerekenler

Regardless of the category, if your aim is to inform and entertain the people who watch/will watch you, it is important how different you present this compared to rival Youtubers. As we mentioned in the article above, you can shoot videos by just playing games and not talking at all; or you can attract the attention of your audience with your own unique language, style and movements.

In short, you have to give a reason to the people who will follow you…


Başarılı Bir Youtube Kanalına Sahip Olmak İçin Yapılması Gerekenler

When you look at the Youtubers who share videos on Youtube, there are those who post videos almost every day in order to reach these points, and those who share videos a few times a month or a week. they should provide.

To go through an example, Enes Batur, one of the most famous Youtubers of today, entered his Youtube adventure on time with the concept of NDNG (New Day New Game). This Youtuber, who shares videos every day without getting tired, has managed to reach 5 million followers today with the different content and spoken language he has created over time.


Başarılı Bir Youtube Kanalına Sahip Olmak İçin Yapılması Gerekenler

Another important point that reflects your style on Youtube and attracts the attention of followers is definitely montage. You can create a different content with various montage effects in the video, instead of just cutting out the places you speak or see incorrectly in the videos you shoot and share them straight.

If you have enough original content, you will be able to clearly see that your views will have an upward graph.


Of course, it is no longer realistic to ignore the power of influencers, who are the celebrities of the digital world. If you are a Youtuber, if you want to be able to rise quickly and show your really different content to everyone, one of the best steps to take is definitely to make cross videos with Youtubers who are more famous than you and have more followers.


Başarılı Bir Youtube Kanalına Sahip Olmak İçin Yapılması Gerekenler

You have everything. Original content, a unique language, regular video content, a different and interesting montage… “What else?” If so, one of the most important things you should not ignore is of course the quality of the equipment you use. Even if all of the above-mentioned content is perfect, if you have a quality camera, a microphone with a good sound recording feature, and there is not enough light in your shooting environment, your video will receive less attention than it deserves. Even if it’s not the best, be sure to use mid-range equipment that won’t degrade the quality of your video content.


After all, your goal is to become famous and have more followers on Youtube, which is a social media channel. If you’re on a budget, don’t hesitate to use the power of social media. Advertising your video and channel on social media channels will always be a topic to your advantage.

By fulfilling all these items, maybe you too can become a very successful Youtuber one day…

Başarılı Bir Youtube Kanalına Sahip Olmak İçin Yapılması Gerekenler
Tüm bu maddelere yerine getirerek, belki siz de bir gün çok başarılı bir Youtuber olabilirsiniz…