As Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency, in partnership with 101XP, we worked on marketing projects for FIFA Online 4’s pre-launch and launch period in Turkey in 2021.

In our project, we targeted players and football fans between the ages of 15-40.

Our goals included maximizing the number of monthly active players, creating excitement around the game’s announcements and release, attracting attention, directing people to the official FIFA Online 4 Turkey social media and Discord channels, and pre-order sales.

We worked with wtcN, Kendine Müzisyen, Arden Papazyan, Emrecan Önal and Ümidi to enable them to achieve these goals.

What Did We Do in the FIFA Online 4 Influencer Marketing Project?

FIFA Online 4 reached many viewers thanks to the influencer marketing project we worked on with wtcN, Kendine Müzisyen, Arden Papazyan, Emrecan Önal, Ümidi and Transfer Fısıltıları who have the most popular YouTube channel in Turkey.

In the influencer marketing project we did to announce the game and contribute to brand awareness, the general statistics of the videos of the channels we collaborated with developed as follows;

  • 500.000+ views,
  • 30.000+ likes,
  • 1.500+ comments,
  • On Twitch, wtcN and Kendine Musician did a 2-hour live stream.

The content creators who took part in our project stated that the game can be played for free on PC and that the game has Turkish language support. They mentioned that Murat Kosova, with his unique and exciting game narration, and Nebil Evren, with his dynamic comments in the game, took part in the game as announcers.

They introduced game modes from the game called Club Team and Fantasy Team, which can be played online with other leagues and you can choose the team you want. They played these game modes and opened the packages in the game. In addition, they said that the game can be played with the lowest latency thanks to the servers opened in Turkey.

They directed the viewers to the web page of FIFA Online 4 from the link in the description of their video. They said that players who register on this page before August 27th will be able to access the early access version of the game for free. They stated that players who have the early access version will win various gifts in the game.

About FIFA Online 4

FIFA Online 4 is a free-to-play multiplayer online soccer game published by 101XP. 

Write your own soccer story! Over 17,000 past and active stars, 600+ teams, and 30+ soccer leagues will give you the most realistic football experience!