Batu Bozkan at Migros İyi Gelecek Festival with Razer!

Continuing its investments in global payment systems, Razer officially begins its activities in the Turkish market by incorporating Game Sultan, Turkey’s largest and well-established Epin distributor. Offering an easy, secure and fast payment system for gamers, Razer offers thousands of game content, special deals and in-game items with Razer Gold.

The favorite of the gaming industry and gamers, Razer continues to realize new opportunities and future plans. As Razer continues in the footsteps of its motto “from gamers to gamers”, Migros is presenting its new digital payment system Razer Gold to the end user for the first time in Turkey at a special event with the İyi GelecekFestival!

Batu Bozkan Ödeme Sistemi Razer ile Migros İyi Gelecek Festivali’nde!

PUBG Tournament and Batu Bozkan with Razer Gold

Bringing Turkey’s leading brands and suppliers together at the Istanbul Kongre Merkezi between April 5-7, Migros offers the opportunity to visit the stands where the products of the brands are exhibited at the Good Future Festival, and also gives place to famous names in the event.

With the Migros İyi Gelecek Festival booth, Razer introduced its new payment system, Razer Gold, to its visitors between April 5-7. In addition, while visitors experienced Razer branded equipment at the stand, they gave prizes to the champions with the PUBG game tournament to be organized.

Batu Bozkan, who we know as Videoyun on Twitch and YouTube, also came to the Razer stand and met with his followers and enjoyed PUBG Mobile on the spot. Batu Bozkan, who came to the stand of Razer, which is also its sponsor, participated in the PUBG Mobile tournament and competed for UCs with his followers.

Why Razer Gold?

Players who use the Razer Gold payment system for their digital spending can access content at more affordable prices than other payment channels, while they can access limited-time items and take advantage of special promotions as they spend Razer Gold.

Known for its three-headed snake logo, and the phenomenon of the billion-dollar global gaming industry with 2.3 billion users worldwide, Razer awaits all its visitors at the Istanbul Kongre Merkezi between April 5-7!