The Gaming and Esports Center of the Future Will Grow Esports in the Middle East

The Gaming and Esports Center of the Future Will Grow Esports in the Middle East! Future Communication Company, a well-established technology company in Kuwait, will make its gaming and esports investments in the Middle East under the consultancy of Gaming in Turkey. With a long-term agreement, the two companies will take the first step of their partnership with an esports center to be built in the country!

Future Communication Company (FCC), one of the largest technology companies in the Middle East, set out to add a new one to the innovations it brought to the region. Founded in Kuwait in 1996, the company continues to run one step ahead as the innovative technology company of both the country and the region. Seeing the esports and gaming opportunities in the Middle East, Future Communication Company will create the gaming and esports world of the future first in Kuwait and then carry it to the entire Middle East.

Kuwaiti Future Communication Company will act together with Gaming in Turkey, Turkey’s Gaming and Esports agency, whose success has come out of the country. Future Communication Company officials, who reached the successful CEO of Gaming in Turkey Ozan Aydemir in April, hosted the GIT team in Kuwait after the meeting held in Turkey. After the negotiations, a roadmap was drawn for gaming and esports investments that will first start in Kuwait and then expand to the Middle East. After two months of negotiations, Turkey’s gaming and esports agency Gaming in Turkey shook hands with Future Communication Company, one of the most important technology companies in Kuwait and the region.

Under the consultancy of Gaming in Turkey, the two companies will build a 400m2 Esports Center in Kuwait as the first step of cooperation. FCC CEO, Mr. Salah Al Awadhi said, “While audience numbers, tournament participation, sponsorships and technological innovations are so intense, what’s the point… The increasing number of gaming teams in Kuwait have the capacity to compete regionally and globally. We see this project as a great opportunity to bring the gaming world to a higher professional level in Kuwait and the MENA region.” He emphasized how important the esports investment in Kuwait is.

The Gaming and Esports Center of the Future Will Grow Esports in the Middle East! Ozan Aydemir, the founder of Gaming in Turkey, emphasized that the Esports Center to be held in Kuwait will be an important opportunity for the Middle East, and said, “First of all, I have to say that such a partnership is very honorable for us. That’s why Mr. Thank you very much Salah. While continuing our development in Turkey, we are also experiencing the happiness of opening up to the Middle East. Together with our partner Future Communications Company, we will reshape the gaming and esports ecosystem in the Middle East. The best part is that this esports center that we will build on behalf of the Esports and Gaming ecosystem in the Middle East will only be a starting point.” said.


About Future Communications Company

Future Communications Company was founded in 1996 as a retail distributor of mobile telephony, integrated mobile technologies and engineering. Future Group is now a diversified company operating and operating in multiple sectors in the MENA region. Diversification of futures includes eCommerce market, eGaming and prepaid card service companies, with cloud solutions including digital mobility, smart device retail, mobile phone and accessories retail and distribution, IT and technology products, enterprise security solutions.


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