Turkey Game Market 2017 Report

Turkey Game Market 2017 Report!

Turkey Game Market 2017 Report! We continue to share detailed and accurate information about the Turkish game market with you. You can find all the information about the game industry in this report. We hope this report will positively affect the perspective of brands on the gaming industry. Especially today, when the use of influencer marketing in the gaming industry is increasing rapidly, you will understand more clearly why the youtube and Twitch TV phenomena specific to the game are popular when you look at the numbers.

Turkey Game Market 2017 Report

Turkey, with a young population of 15 million, is one of the regions with the youngest population in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region. The Turkish game market continues to grow not only with foreign investors, but also with exports, esports, brand investments and game production, especially in 2017.

The 2017 version of the Turkish Gaming Industry Report, 2016 of which was prepared last year, was completed by Gaming in Turkey and shared on Slideshare. In the presentation prepared in two languages, Turkish and English, about the Turkish game industry;




Market information and situation,

Payment solutions in the industry,

esports teams,

Esports sites

etc. You can see the information in the report.

The report also includes detailed slides about Gaming in Turkey’s partner companies. Important and leading companies of the Turkish game market such as Monster Notebook, Game Sultan and GameX played an important role in the creation of the report with the information and support they provided in this 49-page presentation.

Turkey Game Market 2017 Report


Turkey Game Industry Report 2017! In the report, the Turkish game industry was tried to be discussed under every heading. For example, the investment of other teams in this field for esports as well as big football teams, the support of professional esports teams by valuable sponsor brands, and the coming of big organizations such as BLAST Pro Series to Turkey have made the Turkish gaming industry more attractive globally.

You can find detailed figures on all topics below in Turkey Game Industry Report 2017.


  • Details of the report;
    • Internet Users In Turkey 2017
    • Social Media Users In Turkey 2017
    • Mobile Users In Turkey 2017
    • Gamers In Turkey 2017
    • Game Revenues In Turkey 2017
    • PC Game Revenues & Mobile Game Revenues In Turkey 2017
    • Global Rank Of Turkey 2017
    • Biggest Game Companies In Turkey 2017
    • Payment Companies In Turkey 2017
    • Resellers In Turkey 2017
    • Game Associations In Turkey 2017
    • Game Exhibitions In Turkey 2017
    • Academic Programs About Game In Turkey 2017
    • Internet Cafes (Cyber Cafes) In Turkey 2017
    • Esports Media In Turkey 2017
    • Esports Teams In Turkey 2017
    • MEA Region Game Market 2017

One of the best news received was that big game companies such as Epic Games and Blizzard invested in Turkey towards the end of 2017. You will find this and similar important news, the Turkish gaming industry with numbers, and many details from payment solutions that support the industry to esports press in the Turkish Gaming Market Report 2017.