Influencer Interview Series – Ezgi’nin Kanalı – Ezgi Zorba

Influencer Interview Series – Ezgi’ni Kanalı

We continue our Influencer Interviews Series, which we have done as TIP Effect, this time with Ezgi Zorba, known as Ezgi’s Channel, one of the popular YouTubers. We hope you enjoy reading our interview with Ezgi Zorba, who created the first cinema channel on YouTube in Turkey.


Influencer Röportaj Serisi - Ezgi'nin Kanalı - Ezgi Zorba

TIP Effect: Ezgi, first of all, thank you very much for the interview. Ezgi’s channel is a very enjoyable channel that we follow as a team (especially we are close followers of Marvel movies). So who is Ezgi? Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Ezgi Zorba: I am 27 years old. I graduated from Bilgi University Radio and Television Communication. Since my goal is to be a TV program producer and presenter, I received training as an announcer and presenter at Dialog after my graduation. This is my corporate identity. I also have a human identity who manages his life only according to his feelings.

TIP Effect: How did you come up with the idea to become a Youtuber?

Ezgi Zorba: Actually, the answer to this question is long for me. While I was studying my department, I entered the business life with the 32nd day program. After graduating, I wanted to jump into the industry as soon as possible and experience behind the scenes first. I figured if I’m going to get in front of the camera, I need to know exactly how things are going in the back. That’s why I’ve worked behind the camera in so many different roles. Sometimes I was in the production, sometimes I became the cast manager. Most recently, I found myself working on the costume team in Umutsuz Ev Kadınları. Then I left work as soon as possible, saying what am I doing, I’m lost 🙂 My first experience as a presenter started with presenting the Fuar Zamanı program on TRT documentary channel, and then I joined Okan Bayülge’s team. Actually, I guess that’s where things settled down. This is where I focused on the front camera job I wanted. I was going to present a movie program, but things went wrong and this new channel was not opened. I did not return to the sector again and stepped aside. Right at this breathing point, I thought why not adapt the cinema program to Youtube. And we opened this cinema channel, which we rarely come across, which is not on Turkey’s Youtube, even on TV, as soon as possible. The reason why it’s called Ezgi’s Channel is because I couldn’t get a place on TV. It was my way of saying to the industry, ‘Take it, then this is my channel’. 🙂

TIP Effect: You did very well. Now, many young people prefer to watch Youtube channels with free content instead of TV channels. So, what was the turning point for you, what is the story behind it?

Ezgi Zorba: Actually, it’s a turning point for me; Youtube was the first cinema channel of Turkey to open. We became a YouTube-approved channel when we were only 10,000 subscribers. While there are normally 100,000 subscriber rules to get approval, we became business partners in a very short time and we grew. Our series of unknowns had a great impact as well. Is a woman talking about comics? I guess that’s what’s interesting. 🙂

TIP Effect: Where do you shoot, what equipment or programs do you use while preparing your video? On average, how many days does it take for a video to be ready?

Ezgi Zorba: We are a team of 2 people. Before we move on to the video shoot, our preparations begin. I like to go through the text because I can’t stand the sounds like ( eee, iii ) in videos. I don’t like it when I’m watching someone else, so flow is very important for me, I want to give information quickly and escape. That’s why I need striking sentences. We have a long conversation with Anıl about the production that we will talk about, and then we transfer it to the text. It actually takes at least 2 days to watch the movie or TV series + chat and text + video shooting process + Editing. We have a small studio where I dedicate a room at home to shoot. After shooting with Greenbox, microphone and softbox lights, Anıl goes to editing. Although he usually edits with the I Movie program, he also uses After Effects to create the entertainment element in the video.

Influencer Röportaj Serisi - Ezgi'nin Kanalı - Ezgi Zorba

TIP Effect: When you first opened the channel, did you expect the number of followers to reach this level?

Ezgi Zorba: To be honest, I did not expect it at all 🙂 Because the cinema channel is a very specific channel. So how many people might be interested in the movies and comics I mentioned? I didn’t know! Besides, there was no precedent before me. Aa, this is very popular, there is no such thing as let’s do it too. That’s why I was very surprised. 🙂

TIP Effect: How many years after you started the channel did you start making money? Do you make enough money from this job to support yourself?

Ezgi Zorba: About 1 month after I opened the channel, I reached 10,000 subscribers. I also bought my first brand advertisement work in this issue. It continued after that day, and our collaborations with big brands continue. I earn my living only from Youtube, I earn much better than when I worked in the industry and this is more than enough for me. And when you do what you love, the satisfaction is so much! It makes people very happy.

TIP Effect: What audience do you have?

Ezgi Zorba: I have an enthusiastic audience that loves to read and research, and is always open to development and knowledge, and this may be what makes me happiest in what I do. The age range of my channel appears as 18-24 years old in the statistics, I also have a student, professional and very smart young age group at the university. Even their parents reach out to me in the comments.

TIP Effect: What advice do you have for new youtubers? What do you think is the secret of lasting success?

Ezgi Zorba: As far as I have experienced and observed in my environment, people can do a job they don’t like to a certain extent. This is also about any corporate business other than Youtube. That’s why the humble advice I can give you really should be whatever you do on Youtube, your interests and what you enjoy doing will always help you improve. I’ve never seen any business called “I’ll do this, I’ll make a lot of money with this amount,” done successfully and provide stability.

TIP Effect: Are you considering re-entering the TV scene?

Ezgi Zorba: As someone who came to YouTube from TV, I am very happy with my job right now. If there is a project that will reflect me, of course, I will do it on the condition that Youtube continues simultaneously, but I don’t have such a search anymore.

TIP Effect: Where do you find the figures you use in your videos? As a team, we are both collectors and patients of these figures 😊

Ezgi Zorba: Most of the figures are from Anıl’s childhood, we buy all the new ones from the figure shops. Sometimes we buy from publishing houses selling comic books, sometimes from abroad.

TIP Effect: Why do you include more Marvel videos?

Ezgi Zorba: Because the most requested videos are usually Marvel, I love to talk about what happens in this fantasy world. At the same time, Marvel provides so much material to talk about that it is a company that never stops. So it seems like it’s too much, but of course I spare time for other productions. In fact, I will start a nostalgic series soon…

Influencer Röportaj Serisi - Ezgi'nin Kanalı - Ezgi Zorba

TIP Effect: What is your favorite Marvel movie?

Ezgi Zorba: Avengers. I was very excited to see all the heroes together, but Captain America battles Civil War 🙂 Shape of Water was the movie that won the best movie Oscar this year. Which do you think was the best among the movies that won the best picture Oscar so far? The best movie ever and my favorite movie. titanic

TIP Effect: What is your favorite TV series lately?

Ezgi Zorba: Recently, there weren’t any TV series that have had a great impact and that I liked, until La Casa De Papel! And of course, there is Game Of Thrones, which is still going on and I am very sad that it will end.

TIP Effect: Which Game of Thrones character would you like to be? Why?

Ezgi Zorba: I would be Arya. He has always been the closest character to me as we watched his growth process. Like him, I would not have my eyes on thrones, fights, wars, kings. I don’t know, while someone was dreaming of marriage and needlework, I used to feed my inner girl first, just like her. That’s why I say Arya because she always fights for herself and can stand strong against injustices 🙂

TIP Effect: Thank you again for this enjoyable interview. You brought a different color to Youtube with your channel. We will be looking forward to your new videos!