Influencer Interview Series – GEEKYAPAR

Influencer Interview Series – GEEKYAPAR! This time, we continue the Influencer Interviews Series, which we have done as TIP Effect, with the Geekyapar team. Can Türkdoğan, Ömercan Güldal and Cevdet Canver from the Geekyapar team answered our questions. In the answers section, we have shortened the names so that you do not tire your eyes.

“C.T: Can Türkdoğan,
Ö.G: Ömercan Güldal,
C.C: Cevdet Canver”

TIP Effect: Can you tell us a little about yourself? Who is this Geekmaker?

C.T: Geekyapar is a platform created by those who love both researching and producing something and supporting those who do it. Let’s love the people who produce.

Ö.G: We are geekyapar. We are all geeks. Geekyapar is sitting aside with his geekness, “sit, study”, “do it as a hobby”, “are you still watching cartoons at this age?” the so-called mass. They discovered that the most important thing in life is not to live in a system where people eat cream until they die, with the hope that “maybe I will win the Loto”. Geekyapars are those who don’t fit in their container and question all containers.

C.C: Geekyapar is actually a community that does not take life itself seriously, while taking the themes that take life too seriously. It is an institution that is at peace with popular culture and the consumer society, but also rejects being a sucker angrily. The community of people who have found a way to convey this anger through humor rather than in conventional ways. For example, when I look back and look at the words I used, I want to make fun of what I wrote. What big words. I don’t know, could I explain?


TIP Effect Influencer Röportaj Serisi GEEKYAPAR
Can Türkdoğan, Cevdet Canver ve Ömercan Güldal

TIP Effect: What were you doing before becoming a youtuber? What do you do besides being a youtuber?

C.T: Before I entered the world of YouTube, I was a digital marketing specialist who worked on both the agency and brand side. Then, with the desire to produce the content that I love and know best, and to become an actor, I made a crazy decision and quit my job. Now I produce content both on acting and on the subjects I love.

Ö.G: I was doing theater. I don’t want to say I’m a youtuber, because youtuber is a disgusting word. I think we should start a campaign from now on and call Turkish youtubers “tube makers”. Yes, now I’m doing a tube business, other than that, I’m the general manager of a health center.

C.C: I used to do theater and actually still do. Apart from that, I have a company that provides production and theatrical activities to companies. I am also a drama instructor.

TIP Effect: Where do you shoot, what equipment or programs do you use while preparing your video? On average, how many days does it take for a video to be ready?

C.T: We shoot in our own studio, we shoot with DSLR cameras, we deal with editing and visual preparation with Adobe products. Although we can produce straight conversation videos in 1 day, works with more trinkets such as “What Are You Saying” may take longer. But in general, I can say that we are a fast-paced channel.

Ö.G: I don’t want to reveal our business secrets, but I’ll give you one tip; We use cameras. Making a video: min 2 hours + post-pro requirements/editor’s laziness factor. For example, if I am the editor, the production of a video may take up to 1 month.

C.C: We have our own studio. We wouldn’t exist without Adobe. Our pace varies according to the production. Editor Ömercan, on the other hand, can take up to 1 month to make a video 😊

TIP Effect Influencer Röportaj Serisi GEEKYAPAR
Can Türkdoğan

TIP Effect: How many years after your channel did you start making money? Do you make enough money from this job to support yourself?

C.T: Actually, we earned our first money with a video production project before the Geekyapar YouTube channel was opened, and we bought our first equipment with this money. We’re not yet making the money we’re aiming for because we’re crowded, but we’re working hard for it.

Ö.G: HAHAHAHAA, money?

C.C: I can’t say we are making money. I can’t say we’re not winning. However, I would like to express at every opportunity that we are sincere enough not to lie for money. Maybe that’s why…

TIP Effect: Who are the Youtubers you like and follow?

C.T: 140 Journos is the channel I found most successful in Turkey. I watch their videos with great admiration and I emulate the work they do and their courage. Especially for his magnificent creations. As a guitar geek, I also follow Andertons Music Co channel very fondly. These are my two favorite channels, domestic and foreign.

Ö.G: Aybike Turan.

C.C: I follow the Istanbul Film Academy. Apart from that, foreign channels also attract my attention. Channels such as Collage Humour and Film Riot are in my area of ​​interest.

TIP Effect Influencer Röportaj Serisi GEEKYAPAR
Cevdet Canver

TIP Effect: What advice do you have for new youtubers? What do you think is the secret of lasting success?

C.T: To produce, produce and produce regularly. Produce it anyway without worrying about being less tracked. That’s when you create something permanent. Work hard and don’t lose hope.

Ö.G: My advice to new tube dealers is to go and choose another profession. For example, the food industry will always remain, in my opinion.

C.C: In the past, we used to sit together and talk about movies like calves. Then, when we did this in front of the camera, our conversation started to attract the attention of others. (Actually, I was not in front of the camera much in the past I mentioned. But here I am talking about Geekyapar in general.) Thanks to this, we grew and this organic momentum allowed us to grow steadily, albeit slowly. In other words, we had friends who started talking to us while we were talking, commenting below, and asking for our opinion when they see it. This is how I recommend growth. as yourself.

Tip Effect: What do you think awaits us in the new season of Stranger Things?

C.T: I talked at length about this subject; “Stranger Things 2 Review – “Next Season I wonder…?” I strongly recommend you to watch the video “CT CS Tancan”.

Ö.G: Feeling stupid because of tension, violence against children, unnecessary nostalgia and references you don’t understand. And the irresistible cuteness of that lisp-talking boy.

C.C: As a human being who has not watched Season 2 yet and managed to avoid spoilers, I will leave this question unanswered.

TIP Eeffect: ‘Shape of Water’ won the Oscar this year in the best film category. What do you think?

C.T: Meh, frankly I had a bit of a taste because Shape of Water couldn’t offer me anything different from the romantic version of a movie we’ve watched dozens of times since the 80s. Whereas Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri was a great movie… I wish he had bought it.

Ö.G: I think it was clear in the year of “Titanic” that the Oscar is a nonsense award.

C.C: Frankly, Oscar generally lost his humor for a long time. As the grandfather of the group, I used to say, “Where are those big old movies?” Shape of Water was not an Oscar-worthy movie. However, if you ask me which one deserved it, I don’t have an answer to this question. Trying to choose the least bad among the bad is a very tiring activity.

TIP Effect: You mentioned the corporate shortsightedness of Warner Bros. To what do you think you attribute this ignorance?

C.T: Control freak, seeing all the work as a product. By the way, it would not be right to blame this shortsightedness only on WB. Disney is in the same vortex. I think factory works like this are stabbing the auteur cinema to death. In time, we will search for films that want to convey their problems, have message concerns and convey this in a magnificent way.

Ö.G: An effort to imitate a successful venture.

TIP Effect: Marvel movies are way ahead of DC. What do you think is the reason for this?

C.T: First of all, Marvel started to create a universe long ago. DC hastily sought to imitate the work of their biggest rivals. If they had not acted hastily, had done it to the heart, and most importantly, had they trusted the directors, we could have seen different, perhaps better, works.

Ö.G: The right investment at the right time. (what else could it be?)

C.C: The attempt to solve the universe, for which Marvel has prepared its infrastructure for years, with 1-2 films, of course, failed. But from what I’ve said, it should not be concluded that Marvel is also doing very qualified work. All mainstream cinema entered a spiral, all doing similar works. It was a great feeling when our favorite subjects were popularized, and this wonderful feeling of real geeks ended after 3-4 movies from the comics-sci-fi world. We rarely come across quality films anymore.

TIP Effect: How do you interpret Nokia’s re-release of its old models?

C.T: It will appeal to the nostalgia-hungry types. But the real buyers of these devices will be grandparents, shopkeepers selling foreign currency in the grand bazaar and taxi drivers who will use the radio feature.

Ö.G: I think that the laws on possession of guns should be reviewed in many countries.

C.C: Frankly, I thought of buying it as a spare until I saw the prices. You know, its battery lasts for 1000 years, etc. Then, when I realized that it was a few cents cheaper than the smart ones, I closed the issue.

TIP Effect: Netflix is ​​launching very successful TV series projects. Why do you think they are so unsuccessful in film projects?

C.T: The systems that work in the series may not work because the films are short. By the way, I don’t think Netflix movies are too unsuccessful. Nobody liked War Machine, but I think it was a very good movie. In addition, Netflix produces incredibly successful documentary films and series. I strongly recommend you to watch Icarus, which won an Oscar.

Ö.G: I do not agree with either of the hypotheses of this dual question. I don’t think his TV series are that successful, nor his movies that unsuccessful. As a matter of fact, every project they produce is similar to each other. The success chart they draw in general also reflects this. At first they adopted an original and working method, and then when they saw that it was working, they started to become conservative and stopped taking risks. In other words, they made the mistake that every successful artist or art legal entity makes. (see Geekyapar)

C.C: Netflix’s biggest and main achievement is its first existence on the market. However, it is also very clear that it has inevitably started to disappear from the moment it came into existence. Because for the first time, he started to lose his excitement of doing something when he left the production choices to the opinions of the crowd rather than the ratings and artists.

TIP Effect: If our world is George R.R. What kingdom would you like to live in if it was as Martin wrote in his books? Why?

C.T: I think I would like to live in a seaside town in Dorne. It is the place most similar to the Mediterranean. I think there is a pensioner living inside me that I can’t control.

Ö.G: Despite all the turmoil, it is the kingdom that has seen the least amount of war and war, and its lands have been invaded the least. Let’s think like this; If we lived in the Game of Thrones universe, any of us would be more likely to be a villager struggling in the mud than a wealthy nobleman. Again, Eyrie is the place where it will be most difficult to be the grass trampled by the stomping elephants in this geography where even the rich nobles have their heads on armchairs. Behind those mountains, there is not much to see other than the soldiers who have to hunt mountain barbarians from time to time.

C.C: I find the people on the other side of the wall very right. Even if it is fantastic, rich people come and build walls, set rules and ignore the rest, I would like to be one of the giants living there and fight.


Thank you all for this pleasant conversation. We wish Geekyapar! success for its future works.