Influencer Marketing Agencies

 Influencer Marketing Agencies! Word of mouth marketing, which has been frequently preferred since the most traditional times of marketing methods, has been accepted for years as a marketing method that has a significant impact on consumers’ decisions before purchasing a product. Before purchasing a product, consumers listen to the opinions and suggestions of people who have experienced the product and shape their own behavior. When we ask what is Influencer Marketing, we can summarize this marketing method, which we call the word of mouth, as the introduction of influencers into our lives with today’s technology.

Word of Mouth is a marketing method preferred by brands to reach the right audience by using internet phenomena, namely Influencers. Because with influencer marketing, the right target audience can be reached very easily and it is much more affordable in terms of reaching the right people in terms of budget. Influencer marketing agencies aim to both increase the awareness of the products and directly affect the sales with the Word of Mouth effect by bringing brands together with Influencers with the right audience.

Influencer Marketing Ajansları

As TIP Effect Influencer marketing agency, we can say that according to the data we have gained with our 2 years of experience; The most preferred influencer categories are as follows: Gaming Influencers, Mother Influencers, Fashion Influencers and Entertainment Influencers. We can summarize the sectors that use Influencer marketing the most as Computer Games, brands related to children and pregnant women, Textile Industry, Makeup and Skin Care Industry and Mobile Applications. The most preferred social media channel, on the other hand, varies from sector to sector. For example, while the computer games industry prefers twitch influencers and youtubers, the textile side prefers Instagram influencers. Make-up and Skin Care Sector prefer youtubers and Instagram influences. While Mobile Applications use youtubers more, brands related to Children and Pregnant women mostly prefer Facebook and Instagram Influencers. Based on this information, we can make the following assumption; When marketing is aimed at young people, Youtube and Twitch Influencers are mostly used, while Instagram and Facebook are preferred for the middle age segment.

So how do Influencer Marketing agencies work? There are 2 types of agencies. One of them is the MCN (Multi Channel Network) agencies that manage their social media accounts by signing an agreement with Influencers, helping them in video editing, helping them in the dissemination of their videos and trying to bring them together with brands. These agencies serve the brands that come to them by offering influencers with agreements.

Influencer Marketing Ajansları

Another is the agencies that contact each influencer and provide services in line with the requests from the brands without signing an agreement with the influencers. The advantage of these agencies is that they can serve every sector since they do not sign an agreement with any influencer. MCN agencies, on the other hand, serve brands suitable for influencers in their portfolios.


As TIP Effect Influencer Agency, we provide influencer marketing service to every sector without signing an agreement with any influencer. In some cases, since we have good relations with MCN agencies, we can also work with influencers contracted by MCN companies at a much more affordable price.


The goal of all Influencer Marketing Agencies is to bring brands and influencers together with the most suitable influencers for the target audience of brands with the most accurate fictions. We believe that this newly popular marketing method in Turkey will be used as a much more used marketing method thanks to the right Influencer agencies. BENAN KOZBE