Which game is watched the most on Twitch?

Which game is watched the most on Twitch? Fortnite, the popular game of recent times, has taken the top spot on Twitch, where there have been quite a lot of contentious viewership statistics lately. Fortnite, which has watched over 20 million hours in a 1-week period, continues its rising graphic.

Twitchte En Fazla Hangi Oyun İzleniyor?

Fortnite in the first place in the report, which covers the total viewing figures between February 26 and March 4. Especially the recent updates and new content to the game have increased the popularity of the game. In fact, another reason for this rise of Fortnite is PUBG. You ask why, of course, how can PUBG elevate Fortnite when it is its rival. The problems that PUBG has been experiencing lately, the optimization problems that cannot be fixed, and perhaps most importantly, the increase in cheating has brought Fortnite to the top. Players who got used to the Battle Royale concept with PUBG found the solution in Fortnite. He lost his player base to Fortnite. Fortnite, which makes its players happy with its very low system requirements, is also very successful in anti-cheat software. Let’s see if Sea of Thieves, which is planned to be released on March 20, can turn this list upside down.

Twitchte En Fazla Hangi Oyun İzleniyor

League of Legends, which has not lost the top to anyone for many years, has lost the top to PUBG first and now Fortnite. Or, is the time of League of Legends running out? PUBG is in the 3rd place, but CS: GO seems to be right behind it. If PUBG continues this decline, it may suddenly find itself outside of the top 5. IRL, which is on the rise again recently, the category where publishers do not play games, broadcast from their home and daily lives, rose to the 5th rank. Overwatch, Blizzard’s only FPS game, winks at the top 5. The list continues in the form of Hearthstone, Dota 2, WoW and GTA V. The fact that GTA is still in the top 10 is a very important achievement for Rockstar. Rockstar, which has managed to keep the game alive and up-to-date even after years, continues to find its place in the category of best-selling and most-watched games.

Twitchte En Fazla Hangi Oyun İzleniyor?

These data are also very important for people who want to enter the publishing life. I will broadcast and become a game influencer, but if you are thinking about which game to start with, maybe it will be an important first step for you to start with the games listed here. Apart from both micro and macro influencers, companies that want to do influencer marketing should of course follow these data and trends.

Let’s see if PUBG will be able to prevent cheating with the updates it brings. Will Fortnite continue to rise and consolidate its position at the top? We will see together…