7 Mistakes Brands Make on Instagram

7 Mistakes Made by Brands on Instagram! Today, every brand or individual has an Instagram profile, good or bad. According to the first quarter 2017 reports, Instagram, the popular video and photo-sharing platform, is used by 700 million users. Although sharing photos and videos are might be the aim of individuals on Instagram, brands and physical stores have also seen it as an easier way to take orders and sell through Instagram, instead of establishing an e-commerce site. In this article, we have compiled 7 mistakes made by brands who want to use Instagram effectively and want to maintain communication with or without a sales purpose, in the use of Instagram.


1) Using Too Many and Irrelevant Hashtags

7 Mistakes Brands Make on Instagram! One of the biggest mistakes brands make on Instagram is to constantly use the same hashtags and use these more than it’s necessary. According to the researches, the content that uses 7 hashtags gets more interaction among the other content shared on Instagram.  After the 8th tag, the content seems to get less engagement. It will always be to your advantage to use up-to-date, current, and relevant hashtags.

Instagramda Markaların Yaptığı 7 Hata

2) Buying Followers and Interactions

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. When many social media platforms were first used by brands, the number of followers on the brand’s Instagram profile was considered an extremely important feature. It’s not the large number of followers that matters, it’s about gaining followers who are relevant, high quality, and can react to your posts.

Imagine that you made a “Followers Purchase” for an Instagram profile and increased your follower count to 100,000 with this purchase. From the outside, it is thought that your profile is followed by 100,000 people and you think that this is a prestigious situation. However, when you look at the statistics, you will be able to see that the audience you bought consists of people who are not interested in your content, and most of them are bots. In time, you will see that the number of people who like or comment on a post you made on the page, which supposedly is followed by 100,000 people, is sometimes hardly any more than a handful.

3) Not Using a Language Appropriate for Brand Identity

Brands that want to be positioned on Instagram have to have personalities, physiological and psychological brand identities just like people have. According to their brand identities, appropriate language should be used in communication with their followers. For example, imagine you have an A+ clothing brand. Your target users who should be included in this profile will also be high society people who are positioned as A+. You will not be able to interact with these people on your page with a first base language approach or engaging content. You should interact according to the perception and socio-economic position of the audience you are addressing, and you should use the language according to the situation.

4) Using Stock Images

7 Mistakes Brands Make on Instagram! One of the biggest mistakes made by brands on Instagram is using stock images. Stock images or videos, which are easy to access on the Internet and can be used by other brands or individuals, can sometimes save you from a big workload, but depending on your page content, it may be far beyond the stance your followers expect from you. Moreover, the use of the same stock content by more than one brand at the same time will create a very bad impression.

5) Not Interacting with Users

Interacting with your followers on Instagram is one of the most important points in the use of social media, perhaps even the most important. Many brands focus only on sales or promotion of themselves and do not care about the thoughts and feedback of their followers. With the content you share, you should enable your followers to produce content for your brand or interact with your profile and consider their feedback about your brand.

6) Avoiding Measurements

One of the biggest mistakes made in the management of a brand’s social media channels is not to measure. If there is more than one social media channel managed for a brand, the people who manage it may not pay enough attention to each channel. For this reason, the effectiveness of each channel or content may not be controlled from time to time.

Many brands ignore many things like who their followers are, on what periods they use the internet, and when they interact with the brand’s profile.

With the statistical information that Instagram has brought recently, you should not fail to measure the performance of both your posts and stories.

With the statistical information shared on Instagram, it is possible to access many data such as reach, total views, number of website or profile clicks, the number of visits by your followers to Instagram, and the number of accounts that save your posts on their profiles.

Considering all this statistical information, you can measure which content you share attracts more attention and receives more interaction, and you can revise your content plans accordingly.

7) Incorrect Influencer Usage

7 Mistakes Made by Brands on Instagram! Influencer Marketing, which is indisputably one of the most important marketing methods of the last period, is one of the areas where brands make the most mistakes during their marketing activities. You need to pay attention to the fact that the influencers, which are used very often for product or brand promotions, are relevant to your brand. Do not forget that your product promoted by influencers will continue to be associated with this influencer by the users even after the work you do is over.

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