Influencer Marketing Instead of Television

Influencer Marketing Instead of Television! Today, the development of technology, the screens coming into our pockets and the rapid inclusion of social media in our daily lives increases the tendency towards Influencer Marketing rather than TV Marketing. Especially in 2017, many big brands made good use of this new trend by making annual agreements with influencer marketing agencies. But, what’s an influencer? What is influencer marketing and how is influencer marketing done in Turkey? Let’s take a look.

Influencer; We can define it as the general name given to people with a high number of followers on popular social media channels such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

We can define Influencer Marketing as people with high follower counts on social media channels such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and passing on their experiences about a product or brand to their followers through content.

Influencer Marketing Instead of Television!

Today’s youth, born in technology, have a great influence on the shift of marketing from TV to Influencer Marketing. Because the contents of the broadcast on TV channels do not attract the attention of today’s youth. Youth; react to the content that they can use in their daily life, that affects their daily life and that they can talk to their friends, and TV is too slow for them in this regard. For this reason, they do not spend their time watching TV, they follow influencer channels on subjects they are interested in on Youtube, they follow the “Stories” of influencers who set the trends and create agendas on Instagram and share their content with their friends on social media, they follow the News Feed of Influencer channels on Facebook instead of watching TV news. The number of followers of Influencers is increasing day by day, and sometimes the interest is so high that they can even be the subject of TV and Newspaper news and dominate the agenda.

Influencer Marketing Instead of Television! For example; Someone who is interested in computer games cannot find content on this subject on TV.  For this reason, he/she follows Influencers who produce content related to this favorite subject on Youtube channels or follows Twitch Influencers. A gaming computer company, through an influencer marketing agency, asks such an Influencer to shoot videos with their own computer brand and put texts describing the features of the product in certain parts of the video. When the gamer audience who are interested in video games watches the video, they consider the recommendation of the Influencer they are fans of. Thus, the computer brand not only reaches the audience it wants to reach but also promotes its brand with much fewer budgets than TV, by doing Influencer Marketing instead of advertising on TV.

The followers of a Fashion Influencer, who constantly shares fashion content on Instagram, follow new fashion trends, visit the shops for you, and shares prices, consist of the audience who is interested in the content they share and is interested in fashion. A clothing brand reaches Influencers who are compatible with their own fashion designs using an influencer marketing agency, and the Influencer takes a photo with the product of the brand it has agreed with and shares it with various hashtags. Influencer’s sharing with the brand, which they trust in fashion knowledge of his/her, is easily noticed by their followers. Thus, the Brand can easily reach more specific consumers than TV, by pinpointing it.

Here we have a question. Is Influencer Marketing reliable? How do we trust influencers if they agree to advertise every brand that comes in? As TIP Effect influencer marketing agency, we can say that based on many projects we have done; Influencers do not accept to work with a brand that they do not trust and have not tried. If there is a project about the promotion of products that do not appeal to their followers and that they will not use, they reject it. Because their followers are very confident in their choices and taste. They can’t afford to break that trust and lose followers or get bad comments.

Influencer Marketing Instead of Television! With these features, Influencer Marketing is one step ahead of TV marketing.  Rather than targeting a large audience, Influencer Marketing seems to be a preferred tool of the new age and is used more and more each day, as it is a reliable, budget-friendly, and affordable marketing method by focusing on opinion leaders who have an impact on the masses.